Unexpected Guests Are On Their Way To Your House – Here Are Some House Cleaning Tips To Clean Your House Super-Fast

This situation has happened -or- will happen to many of us …

It’s the weekend and you are sitting at home relaxing in your somewhat-clean, but messy house when a relative or friend calls to say that they are already on their way to visit you … and they will be arriving at the door in only a few hours. Don’t panic … Use The House Cleaning Tips and Checklist Below -or- USE THIS SPEED CLEANING GUIDEBOOK!


Note: These Tips and Guidebook will give you the “Speed Cleaning Techniques” you will need if you ever find yourself in this predicament. What Is Speed Cleaning? Speed cleaning is a highly effective way to quickly freshening your house, without all of the extra time requirements of traditional housecleaning techniques.

Get started the moment you hang up the phone! Here are a few Speed Cleaning Tips to get you started.

Become Best Friends With The Trash Can – grab the nearest trash can and take it with you as you walk around all of the rooms of the house, throwing any trash you find into it, and emptying other trash cans into it. Note: Simple emptying your trash cans give the impression of a room that is cleaner overall.

Speed Dusting and FAST De-Cluttering – get a damp dust rag and start wiping down all the surfaces with it. Pick up any clutter as you go around a room and straightening up any objects that may be out of place. For example: put toys out of sight in a toy box; organize book and magazines, put throw pillows back in place, and collect any items that don’t belong in that room and put them in a pile outside that to the removed once you are doe with that room. This technique will quickly removes dust, give everything a quick polished look, and eliminates all of the extra “stuff” that had collected in that room!

Cleans The Floors – Chances are that you may not have time for a full clean, so, quickly run the vacuum over the very visible or high traffic carpeted areas, and then use a damp mop to wipe down all of the floors. Note: This will remove all of the dust that has fallen to the floor after you dusted.

Make Your Bathroom Sparkle – this is by far the one room in your house by which your guests will judge you!. Don’t take any shortcuts here. First, start by cleaning the toilet bowl (remember to dust the back of the tank). Next wash the sink including the taps. Next, wipe the mirrors to remove spots and streaks. Next, de-clutter and straighten up counters. Lastly clean the tub -or- close the curtain/doors since your guests won’t be using it.

The best tip of all is not to get caught off guard next time. To accomplish this, you need speed cleaning techniques that are so thorough and effective that they’ll actually allow you to perform all of your regular house cleaning in half the time. Download your copy of The Ultimate Guide of Speed Cleaning -Guidebook and Audio Book and begin learning more right away.

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