Get Organized

You Don’t Have To Be
Organized To Be Organized

You Can Use These Simple, Step-by-Step
Home Organizing Strategies To Help You
Put An End To Clutter and Frustrations
and Get Your Home (and Life)
Organized … The Easy Way!

Being organized makes life easier, and is a demonstration of control over your own life and your environment. This is often easier said than done.

To do anything in an orderly way involves decision making and a set of step-by-step guidelines.
If you’d like to eliminate clutter and simplify life, have more control over what you do with your time, and enjoy an organized, peaceful and stress-free home, then, you can start today by following the simple steps below to help you begin that process.

Anyone who thoroughly enjoys their home knows there are just three basic ideas behind creating the right atmosphere and making life easier:

  1. taking control of “stuff” before it becomes clutter
  2. having systems in place to maintain organization forever … and …
  3. being realistic about getting things done within an already hectic schedule.

It’s not that hard once you know how to do it. Fact is, there are positive benefits to having order in your home, making sure there’s always a place for everything, and controlling ‘stuff’ before it turns into clutter.

Here are some of the basic steps. More details ca be found in my My Complete Home SPEED Cleaning Guidebook and companion Audio Book:

Make A List

  • One of the easiest ways to become organized and stay organized is to develop a habit of making lists (e.g., House Cleaning Checklist, To-Do-List, Chore List, etc.).
  • If your list contains tasks, check them off as they are completed. This is an excellent way to make sure that your tasks and projects are taken care of in a systematic way and you will also be able to derive personal satisfaction by staying on top of things.
  • You should also make lists all your important papers, document, possessions and the location of where these items are stored. Keep your list in a safe place and make that location know to your family and trusted friends. Then, when you need certain information, you’ll be able to put your hand on it without stressing and trying to remember where you last saw it.

Get Rid Of Junk

  • Make it a habit that, whenever looking in your cupboards, shelves or drawers, you will throw out everything that you know you will never use again. Old magazines, half empty lotions, freebie stuff that you haven’t used for a year, outdated clothes, old shoes, or worn out clothes in your closet – all of this stuff is just taking up space. Make it a monthly routine to go to the recycling stations or thrift stores to donate your unneeded items.

Touch It Just Once

  • Make it a habit to sort through your mail on a daily basis. Stop junk mail from piling up. Go through all of your mail andseparate out the circulars, ads, and junk mail that you know you don’t want and throw out everything you classify as junk immediately! Don’t allow it to accumulate. Sort and file bills and personal mail into their appropriate folders: e.g., Bills to pay, Letters to answer, Tax Info., Investment Info., etc.

Beware of Impulse Buying!

  • Before you buy … ask yourself these questions: Will the item make your life easier? Can you afford it? Where will you put it? Don’t just buy for the sake of buying – take some time to think it over before making the investment. In the long run, you will save time and money by simply learning to say “NO!”

NOTE: For more house cleaning tips and house cleaning checklist – Get my SPEED Cleaning Guidebook and Audio Book.


I Suggest You Use My Complete Guidebook As Follows:

Download and unzip.
Print guidebook and checklists.
Listen to Audio Book.
Follow along in guidebook and make notes and update your checklist.
Plan your SPEED cleaning and START CLEANING (follow the instructions in the guidebook).
Contact me for help with my house cleaning tips and house cleaning checklist Please contact me if you need assistance.
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