Clutter Control

Before You Can Truly Have A Clean
House, You Must Learn The ‘Fine Art’
Of Clutter Control

Remember, most people have a clutter problem.

You’re not alone! Let me show you some SUPER FAST Techniques to help you eliminate clutter from your home in record time!

I totally understand your situation. Like most of us, you may be incredibly busy right now – and may not have time to start (much less complete) your home de-cluttering project. My “Get Rid Of Clutter Checklist” below will help you make GREAT start on your home de-cluttering project.

However, you should consider using the Home SPEED Cleaning Made EZ Guidebook and Audio Book which will give you the step-by-step details you need to save alot of time and help you “DE-CLUTTER YOUR HOME … FAST“!

Discover How To Get Your Home In Order
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When it comes to keeping your home clean, organize clutter is one of the most challenging aspects  … and second to that is struggling to keep it organized. It is just absolutely amazing how easy it is to accumulate so much clutter throughout the house in a no time.  It is totally understandable that this can be a major source of frustration and  you can easily become overwhelmed to the point where you simply feel like giving up.

But hang in there! Below are some POWERFUL tips on organizing clutter that may help. More detail can be found in: Home SPEED Cleaning Made EZ Guidebook and Audio Book

STEP 1: Set-Up A System

Setting up a system is one of the first things you can do to help organize clutter. For example, having daily mail setting on the kitchen counter, or scattered on a table or desk you should set up a system for sorting and organizing daily mail.

Instead, of just have a  couple of trays or file box for your mail you could label each tray of file box accordingly: for bills, junk, magazines, etc. You can be very creative with them in order to make this work for you and your household.

Another common place for the daily mail is to have is the old “junk drawer” (usually found in the kitchen). Again, be very creative with this drawer. First, clean it and then put in some inexpensive dividers or drawer organizers in it to keep everything grouped and in place.

STEP 2: Start Organizing Your Closets

The closets is one of the hardest places in any home to keep neat and organized. Yes, they are great places to toss everything in and keep out of sight … but … it is very difficult to keep control of these places.

Granted, one option is that you can go out and buy expensive closet organizers for hundreds of dollars, or you can do some simple things such as hanging garment bags, small storage bins and simple shelves. They’re not expensive and only take minutes to put into use.

These are just a few ways to organize clutter and reduce the time spent on house cleaning. In the Home SPEED Cleaning Made EZ Guidebook and Audio Book, I list many more detailed steps to organizing clutter the simple and easy way.


NOTE: For more house cleaning tips and house cleaning checklist – Get my SPEED Cleaning Guidebook and Audio Book.


I Suggest You Use My Complete Guidebook As Follows:

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Listen to Audio Book.
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